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The Story of Annum Bicycles

The name ANNUM represents the year in Latin. Under the name of ANNUM we represent the precious time that we dedicate to ourselves.

A tree trunk is marked by annual rings that prove its resilience, age and experience. All its uniqueness and energy is reformed into the frame of the ANNUM Bicycle.

Time reminds us that the moments that count are those when we are unique and content. The Annum bicycle represents calmness and being in touch with oneself.


Our wooden frames are based on a long woodworking tradition, but that doesn’t mean they are not high-tech products. All Annum Bicycles frames are durable, tested according to the highest standards, fully water resistant and can be used as proper, regular bikes.

The advantage of the Annum Bicycle is that you can custom build you own unique bicycle, built according to your wishes. We can build it from the type of wood you prefer (that is suitably solid), we can engrave the inscription you want and use the materials you like. If you would like to gift one to your loved one, you can dedicate a special inscription that will forever remain inscribed the frame of that bicycle.

The frames can be made from different types of wood (walnut, ash, cherry, maple, mahogany,…), most often it is made from Slovene walnut that provides the optimal expansions and aesthetics. The frame is 90 % wood and 10 % aluminum, which is why factors such as static, design and feel for wood are important.


When selecting components and gear we follow technically refined trends of globally recognised suppliers. We always pursue uniqueness, which is why some of our bikes are equipped with materials that come from small productions same as our bicycle.


Allow us to share our unique experience and feeling we encounter during each phase of bicycle production. Try it and you won’t be sorry since during use you can fell all of the energy that was put into making it.

We can also arrange for you to be present during the making of your bicycle.

You bicycle will be safely stored in a wooden box until it arrives to your doorstep.